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Joe Amuso
Master Plumber


Adelaide Drain Cleaning Service, your #1 choice for Drain Cleaning Services! Using the latest state of the art drain cleaning and diagnostic equipment.

Electric Eels: mechanical cable machines used for cleaning pipes from 40mm - 100mm.
High Pressure Hydrojet Cleaning: fast and efficient method of cleaning sewer, stormwater drains from 25mm -150mm. Root removal capability.
Diagnostic Colour Drain Camera: Diagnosing faults, objects, problems arising in drains.
Electronic Drain and Pipe Locator: used in conjuction with the diagnostic colour drain camera, able to trace and locate lines of drains, buried inspection openings for better cleaning access.
Pre Purchase Drain Inspection: Colour video drain report. Pre purchase of a home or an investment property. (Drain repairs can be costly)


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